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As Real Gardeners is not a commercial website we have to raise funds in order to keep the site online

I am happy to continue to give my time free of charge to maintain and update the site and there are a number of members who have also volunteered to help out with the site but there are essential costs that have to be covered.  Here are a few ways that you can help.


Donations are a simple and easy way to help keep your favourite site online.   There is no fixed amount that we request because we know that some people are able to donate more than others.    Every donation is gratefully received, whatever the amount.

When making a donation could you let me know your online name and tell me that it is donation as this saves me a lot of time separating donations from Auction Room payments.

There are several ways that people can donate.

Paypal is the simple easy way to do this - transfer is immediate and I can put the money to good use without delay.   

You can make a direct bank transfer to the RG Account.   The Sort Code is 089286 and Account No 02384669

You can send a cheque to my home address.  If you don't already have it please Email Me for my full address.

Auction Room

We have an active Auction Room as part of our group of Forums.  Members are invited to donate items with either the total amount or a percentage amount going to RG Funds and around ten items are put up for auction on the first Sunday of each month.   Not only is this a great way of raising funds to keep the site online, but you could pick up a real bargain as well.   For full information on this CLICK HERE

To make a payment for an Auction Item you have successfully bid on, the options are exactly the same.

Buy an RG Badge

We have our own unique Real Gardeners badge.  It is classy and is a great way to get the name of Real Gardeners around to other people, not to mention the opportunity of recognising another RG Member when you are around and about.

The badges cost 5 each and in order to get one just send me a stamped self-addressed small jiffy bag together with the 5. 


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