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Photo of the month
Each month we hold a photo competition in our General Forum. The winner last month was Rich. lf you click on the image on the left you'll see it full size.  Look HERE to see what theme Rich has chosen for this month.

A garden to die for
Few people realise how many plants are poisonous and, in some cases, deadly. Visit our comprehensive, fully illustrated, section on this fascinating topic by looking HERE.  It could save your life!


Welcome to Real Gardeners, or RG as we affectionately call it. 

Real Gardeners first came online in 2001.
Since then it has been recommended by many of the top gardening magazines and we have a worldwide membership.

It has remained a non-commercial site throughout this time with funds being raised via donations from members, and money raised in our auction room.

We are a friendly bunch at RG and hope you will enjoy looking around.









Interesting areas of RG to visit

Our Forums
A very popular place where members meet and discuss all topics, whether related to gardening or not. We have forums for veggie gardening, ornamental, and a forum to show off your achievements. Just click HERE and all will be revealed. You can view without registering, but need to register in order to post.
Chat room
You will usually find someone in our chat room from 9pm UK time. Join in with our quiz held once a month during the summer months.  Scheduled quizzes for this summer are 6th June, 4th July, 1st August starting at nine. A different member sets the quiz each week and the topics are varied.
Auction Room
Our auction room is worth a visit.
Donations from members and businesses often result in bargains being offered. New auction items are put up the first Sunday of the month.

Wildlife Friends
Some wildlife friends we all recognise, but others we aren't so sure of, so look HERE for a comprehensive list of them.

Wildlife Foes
We all seem to have plenty of these in our garden, but recognising them and knowing how to get rid of them can be quite a problem.  Look HERE and you may be more aware of what you are dealing with.

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